Gujarat – A Culture Explosion

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Experience the ultimate retreat, just a few hours and freeways away. 

Gujarat – a jumble of glorious architecture, intriguing history, and dynamic people – will bowl you over, in the most euphoric ways possible. Not only is it an ideal destination for culture-seeking travellers, but you will also find foodies swarming in from all over the country. Gujarat can quickly win you over with its many treasures of archaic palaces full of twinkling troves, colourful bazaars, tribal villages, and bustling street-food corners. 

While its major city Ahmedabad can draw you in with its remarkable architecture, it is the countryside that holds most of its treasures. Although it can get a little overwhelming with its buzzing lifestyle, you can find some peace in holiday nooks like Altan Fields, close to Sanand in Ahmedabad. It is a beautiful three-bedroom villa with a massive garden, giving you ample space to run around and play with your kids and furry friends.

If you are anything like us and wish to explore this state in its truest form, then a road trip will be your best bet. Make a trip to a far less hectic part of Gujarat and set yourself up at the Wilderness Villa in Vadodara. You can enjoy acres of greenery and uninterrupted views from this Kerala-style abode, which also opens up to seasonal orchards of pomegranates, guavas, chikoos and gooseberries!

Then there is the old quarter of Gujarat, which is home to an effervescent network of narrow, crowded streets that houses some of the city’s most impressive temples, step-wells and iconic archaeological sites. Driving your way across the state, you will find an ideal out-of-city escape that comes packaged as a perfect holiday retreat. At Sita Devii Farm in Valsad, you can experience an elaborate farm stay amidst greenery and friendly animals. Don’t be surprised if you get occasional visits from your neighbours like emus, ducks and guinea fowls. If you wish to step out, don’t forget to check out the nearby honey farm and fishing deck.

If you’re looking for a place to lay low in solitude, but quickly get back on your feet, this part of western India is for you. Brimming with cultural exuberance, heavenly food, textile art, and a spectacular heritage, Gujarat offers an entrancing lifestyle that hides excitement around every twisting corner.

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