Hosting an Intimate Wedding amidst COVID-19

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As we’re taking baby steps towards the post-pandemic world, the way we celebrate our special events and big days will certainly change. Big weddings, huge public gatherings and mega halls are now a thing of the past and intimate ceremonies are slowly becoming the new normal. 

In this post-pandemic era, what’s important to realise is that we don’t need to stop celebrating, but change the way we celebrate. While we’re at it, what could be better than a private villa tucked in a serene location, away from COVID-19 hotspots. 

If you have your wedding date finalized around this time, we can only imagine your level of anxiety and mayhem at this point. Although, it has certainly reduced the size of the endless guest list, which is a sigh of relief, being worried about not getting to celebrate your big day as you would’ve in a pre-pandemic world is plausible. To put an end to all these worries, here’s what StayVista has to offer to make your wedding day as memorable as it should be. 

Intimate Setting 

Choosing an intimate setting in a serene location is the need of the hour. You can check out some of our gorgeous private villas here, perfect for an intimate celebration with your family and friends. Picture yourself with your other half, reading your vows amidst nature, coupled with all modern lifestyle conveniences is nothing short of a dream come true. This is what your big day at a StayVista Villa will look like! 

Private setting amidst nature, perfect for an intimate wedding.

Acute Hygiene Standards Assured 

Cleanliness has always been our strongest suit. However, given the current scenario, we’re emphasizing on hygienic practices even more. During your stay, you can rest be assured that all our hygiene practices are in accordance with the guidelines set by WHO and Stay Safe Council. You can read more about the same here

Additional Amenities & Facilities

Apart from the basic facilities and a luxurious stay, there are certain additional amenities that we extend to our guests. Although it varies from villa to villa, there are standard amenities such as kitchen access, trained cook and caretakers, bonfire and barbecue can be expected at our villas. You can check the complete list of amenities available at a particular villa in its description.

Things to Note Before Choosing a Villa

Before you start your search for your dream destination, make sure that you choose a location closer to where you live. As for the transport, consider going for safe options like Everest Fleet. Remember to adhere to the guidelines issued by WHO while travelling in order to keep yourself and your everyone around you safe.

We look forward to hosting you soon as you celebrate your wedding and create memories to cherish forever!

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