4 Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021

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With all the heart-shaped chocolates, balloons and food re-emerging, conversations revolving around your plans on 14th Feb and constant social media posts talking about their special someone, you might have picked up that Valentine’s day is round the corner. I mean there is no ignoring the not-so-subtle, in your face, hearts in February, right? And while the singles dread this constant bombardment of hearts and some couples remain indifferent, others eagerly look forward to V-day. 

Valentine’s day is essentially a celebration of love and your loved ones. The ones that have been by your side through thick and thin and those who have been with at your best and worst. Hence, Valentine’s is not only limited to someone’s other half, but also anyone that you love! Be it your friends, family or partner, because no one should shy away from expressing their love! 

While the idea of disregarding valentine’s is appealing and that there is no need for a specific day to celebrate love is justifiable, this time, especially with last year abundantly spent on screens rather than in person, maybe it is okay to give in to the idea of valentine’s festivities. In the immortal words of Amy Santiago, “Life is unpredictable, and not everything is in our control, but when you are with the right people, you can handle anything.” Hence, why hold back while celebrating love? 

Be it your valentine, galentine or palentine, here are a few date ideas that are far away from the typical and allow you to be creative! 

Cosy Indoor, Cricket Date

For all those whose partners, friends, families are sports lovers and cricket fans, the perfect valentine’s day awaits you. With India-England’s 2nd test lined up just on the same day as valentine’s, you do not have to look any further for a perfect V-day date. Moreover, after the recent historic win at Gabba, you might not want to miss this test series!

Snuggle with your partner at the beautiful Casa Palm Doors in Bardez, Goa. Echoing a typical Goan charm with vibrant, colonial interiors, this holiday home is snuggled amidst a vast expanse of scenic greenery. You wouldn’t have to worry about your TV arrangements, this beautiful property features a dedicated TV room with a Smart TV. Add a hamper of their favourite snacks, maybe pop open a bottle of wine, and you are sorted! 

If in search of a luxe experience nearer to the city, Pranaam in Alibaug is ideal! A sprawling holiday home, featuring state of the art interiors and amenities, also has a separate projector room. Make the most of the room, set up a cosy blanket fort, relish the delicious food and spend some quality time together. 

Enjoy the match alongside an elaborate set-up

End Your Day with Star-gazing

A perfect date is subjective. However, being one with nature, right under the stars, is a nature-lover’s dream! Spread a blanket, gaze at the stars and let the romance take its course. Afterall, there isn’t a better intimate moment than under a sky full of stars. 

Be on top of the world, literally, while at Dharohar Retreat, Mukteshwar. Situated at a staggering altitude of 6000 ft., right in the lap of nature and spread across 5 acres, while here, you are sure to have your privacy, making it ideal for you to spend quality time with your partner. Set up camp in the lawn, spread an elaborate meal and soak in the spectacular views. 

Embrace the lush greenery, the forests and nature in all its glory at Casa De Montana. An effortless blend of rustic charm and modern amenities and love in the air, this holiday home definitely makes for a beautiful destination to spend valentine’s at. Featuring a telescope, your star-gazing date couldn’t get better! 

Celebrate V-day under a sky full of stars

A Stay-in Massage Date

There are a lot of people who would rather prefer staying in with their loved ones rather than stepping out. Well, there’s a solution for that too! Enjoy an elaborate stay-in date. Splurge on massages, lounge in the pool or simply bask in the sun with your loved one. Rekindle romance in the simplest ways possible, after all, isn’t it about the little things? 

For an ideal date where-in you don’t have to step outside, it is recommended that you stay at a villa that has it all. Be it massages, yoga, pool, lawn and more. Fortunately, we have got your back! An all-inclusive holiday home, Vista Palma, Goa, literally has it all. Minutes away from the beach, the classic Goan interiors and a plethora of amenities, while here, you and your partner will have the whole villa to yourselves! Start the day with a delectable breakfast in bed followed by a couples’ massage in the spa complex. As the evening comes, soak in Goa’s beautiful, vibrant surroundings. End the day with a comforting splash in the jacuzzi, with a side of your favourite drinks.

Relax and indulge in couple’s massages

Scenic Picnic at the Beach

Beaches and honeymoons go hand in hand, making them just right to spend your valentine’s at. Be it with your friends or your partner, you cannot go wrong with a picnic at the beach. The sand enveloping your bare feet, the constant drumming of crashing waves, the gentle breeze in the air, beaches echo a certain magic that is unmatchable. For a beach picnic, the beautiful coastal city of India is perfect! 

Start the day in this historic home featuring a blend of Portugese and French interiors. In the calming hues of blues and whites, Hunter’s lodge is located right in the heart of Goa. Start your day with a refreshing splash in the pool, and head over to the beach that is a short drive away. Prepare an elaborate spread, or indulge in the local cuisines served at the beach shacks, take in the mesmerizing views of the beach accompanied with the constant humming of the waves and end your day with the spectacular sunset enveloping the sky. 

Devour the beautiful views while at the beach picnic

What are you waiting for? Go on, decide the perfect date and express your love to your loved ones! Get away, embrace nature, maybe even splurge on your loved one and enjoy your V-day with these not-so-typical date ideas!

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