4 Amenities That Will Give You The “A+ Appreciation” You Deserve

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By now we have established that holiday homes and villa rentals are preferred, especially given the current scenario. The benefits of having a private space all to oneself not only gives a sense of security but also minimizes the risk of sharing amenities. Moreover, with the continuous roller coaster called COVID-19, it is imperative that all precautions and preventive measures are taken. 

While safety is definitely one of the reasons for opting for a villa rental, one of the other major reasons is the amount of lavish amenities that are included as a part of the stay. While choosing a holiday home, holiday goers are always looking for a hint of something out of the ordinary that would add to their relaxing, luxe getaway. With the intense competition that engulfs the holiday homes market today, it is imperative to oversee the kind of amenities and services that you provide in your home. When it comes to holiday homes, especially luxury villas, you need to ensure that the quality of services does not waiver. The standard of amenities and the kind of the services provided largely determines the number of recurring guests.

When guests are looking for their next holiday destination, the quality and quantity of the amenities provided could help in setting your home apart from others. Personalized services, undivided attention and customized hampers are often staple in holiday homes. The added privacy, safety and security are just a few of the features that give villa rentals an edge. As a homeowner, this edge should definitely be used to your advantage.  The kind of services and facilities provided largely depends on the location, the kind of guests you expect to host, however, here is a list of some amenities that would pleasantly surprise your guests, and would ultimately benefit you. 

1. An Infinity Pool, Jacuzzi Overlooking the Surroundings

When renting out your home, as a homeowner, it is significant that not only are the interiors of your home tastefully done and are clean but also that you are providing the right amenities for the guests. A private swimming pool is a definite in that list. A pool is synonymous to a relaxing getaway, and, add an infinity pool to the mix, and you have got yourself a pleasing home. Depending on the surroundings, the view and the location, an infinity pool, with pool loungers, and a deck could be just the amenity needed to take your home to the next level. 

Paashaan, in Khopoli, is an extravagant villa effortlessly featuring this amenity. Featured in the Netflix documentary, ‘World’s Most Extraordinary Homes’, this home is an amalgamation of open-to-sky showers, serene location and majestic views. Nestled in a corner, it is secluded, ideal for a break from all the fuss. The heated infinity pool overlooks the surrounding mountains, making for an idyllic landscape. Straight out of a picture, you can only imagine the value an infinity pool adds to the property.

The gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the surroundings

2. Soothing Spa and Massage Services

While away, more often than not, the prime goal of any guest is to come back relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. What a better way to do that than a soothing massage? Providing in-house spa and massage services would not only add to an overall positive stay but also would leave the guests re-energised, and satisfied. The option of availing in-house spa and massage services is the holy grail for enduring an ultimate relaxing getaway experience. Moreover, spa services can easily be outsourced, making it easier to arrange, unlike the other services. 

Include it in the cost of the stay or simply provide it at an additional charge, like in Ashore, a scenic holiday home located in Goa. A sprawling beach-facing property, Ashore has it all, from beach access, to an infinity pool to breathtaking views. Apart from massages, here, guests can indulge themselves in several other amenities, making this villa a true knockout.

Arrange for a soothing outdoor massage

3. Designated Workstation and Gym

The past year has paved the way for several new norms, one of them being working from villas. Workations are becoming increasingly popular, as more and more people are opting to manage their work from the comfort of their holiday homes. They are choosing to continue their everyday life, with minute tweaks here and there. Hence, in such a scenario, your holiday home having a dedicated, separate workstation, a meeting room and a gym would only attract more guests, and Pranaam is a fitting example of that. 

Located in Alibaug, this stunning property not only features the quintessential pool, ample space and gorgeous modern interiors but also is equipped with a designated work-room, making it ideal for all those who are looking to work while away! The added facility of a kids’ play area only adds to the appeal of this vacation rental. While the first half of the day is spent in ensuring all mails are read, the second half is spent lounging by the pool or relaxing in the lawn, the perfect work life balance!

A dedicated workstation equipped with amenities

4. Home Theatre, Dance-floor and Karaoke

While most holiday-goers choose to explore the neighbourhood, indulge in local experiences, and pick up souvenirs, the others like to stay in, and experience the property in all its glory. While in case of the latter, and also in the former, guests’ experience is directly proportional to the number of indoor amenities provided. When the guests are indoors at all times, it is important to ensure that they do not run out of things to do, and a private theatre, a separate dance floor and karaoke arrangements definitely is something that would keep them entertained! Villa 41 features its very own private, mini home-theatre, with lounge seats, and a big screen. Not only that, but also, this holiday home is a property that is equipped with a plethora of amenities, from a snooker table, to a music deck to even a range of indoor games, it has it all.

Lounge-worthy mini-theatre at Villa 41

While the intimacy of a private space is unmatched, investing in state of the art amenities and top of the line services is imperative to ensure that you not only host new guests, but repeat ones too. A casual good word about your property and good reviews could go a long way in ensuring that your home is not only good, but the best.

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