Plan Your Workation: Tips to Plan & Travel Better in 2021

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The pandemic has been nothing short of an infinite rollercoaster that doesn’t seem to want to end. However, as much as the pandemic has had its woes, it has also introduced us to a new way of working – remotely. Working from home has absolutely changed how people work and has opened up a galore of opportunities and tremendously increased productivity. Studies have shown that working remotely has not only positively affected productiveness but also pushed creative and out-of-the-box thinking. 

Though, the remote working scene has definitely not worked out for everyone. The otherwise office social butterflies have found themselves desperately looking forward to in-person activities. Well, workations are here, to your rescue! 

So what is a workation? A workation essentially is an amalgamation of work and vacation. A hybrid if you will. Though workations aren’t new, working remotely have made them incredibly popular. Now, it is possible to opt for a change of scenery while keeping up with the to-do lists. The mornings are reserved for working amidst stunning views, attending to all the emails, video meetings and checklists, while the evenings are ideal to explore the neighbourhood, lounging in the pool and unwinding. Now, people are opting for a workation in Ooty, Manali, Shimla and more! 

However, workation planning needs to be immaculate. It’s a workation afterall, too much of either would disregard the purpose. But, we got you covered. Here are a few tips to help you plan your workation to be at your productive best!

1. Company Matters

While planning your workation, ensure that you are accompanied by like-minded people. Having the right company is an absolute prerequisite for a successful workation. Ensure your goals for the trip align with your peers. Moreover, it’s always good to have people with the same mission as you. Not only do they act as motivators during work hours, but also you have company to explore the location itself!

2. The Stay for the Workation

Once your decision on who is coming with you is made, the next thing to jump on is the kind of accommodation you choose. The accommodation and location, in general, are important factors while planning a workation. The kind of villa rentals you opt for is directly proportional to your productivity. Secluded, quiet mountain cottages and refreshing beach houses are ideal for when you want to disconnect, however, would they serve you as a stay for your workation? If they do not offer the required connectivity, probably not. Hence, ensure that the home you are staying at offers Wi-Fi or at least a good cellular network since you do need to be connected to the outside world. 

Secondly, ensure that there is a designated workspace. Working from the bed on a workation is a strict no-no. The lounging in bed could soon become laying down which would eventually turn into sleeping. Having a separate meeting room or a work desk would increase your productivity and not hamper your work.

A dedicated workspace will help you increase your productivity

3. Strike a Balance

While on a workation, it could be very easy to get carried away with exploring the museums, cafes and everything else in between. However, it is imperative to strike a balance. To ensure that work is actually a part of your trip, jot down a schedule. While routines are sometimes mundane, they are the best way to ensure that a balance is maintained. Schedule your work hours, if they are 5 or 6 in a day, decide which part of the day is dedicated to leisure and which to work. You can either work at a stretch, and have some time solely for fun, or you could take breaks in between and juggle between work and play, that is totally up to you. As long as you fulfil both, you can make a schedule in accordance to your comfort.

4. Divide and Conquer

Do not try to do all the work yourself. Before you venture out on your workation, ensure that you are on top of all the on-ground work. You don’t want to deal with last-minute mishaps. Your off-time is as important as your designated working hours. Delegate as much as possible, ensure that it is done on time, so you can have uninterrupted work days and evenings. 

5. Have fun!

Last but not least, have fun! While most often, we are so wrapped up in our deadlines that we almost miss taking in the gorgeous views, the fresh breeze and the changing scenery. Venture out, soak in the scenery, relax in the pool, talk to locals, make connections and most of all bond with your peers. Let the time off be the time off you need. When it is time to have fun, ensure you keep all your electronic devices away and be present! 

Lounge by the pool once done for the day

Vacations, staycations and now workations have become increasingly popular. And justifiably so! The right balance of work and play, scenic locations and most of all, you can meet all your deadlines in style! A productive workation awaits you, are you planning yet?

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