Alternative WFH Spaces: 9 Best Villas to Work at, then Unwind

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WFH. I still remember how most companies, in the pre-COVID era, would frown upon an employee when they decided to ‘work from home’. And for the most part of this year so far, it’s been the only way of working. How times change! WFH is great, as long as one is able to focus and adhere to timelines. If those factors are taken care of, I feel like it should be the future of ‘working culture’ in India. What do you think?

If you are someone who prefers WFH, but is finding a sort of saturation by now, we have an idea for you. How about working from another home? One that’s a luxury villa by the beach? Or a vintage abode in the mountains? The choice is yours, but the idea is to break the monotony and have a change of space, which may work wonders for your productivity and efficiency. After a long day of work, you are already in the best place to unwind! Below are some options for you depending on which city you’re from.

From Mumbai:

Breeze In The Hills Villa, Lonavala
Lonavala is obviously the first option if you’re from Mumbai. And this villa is amongst the top options in Lonavala. After a day of hard work, enjoy the poolside with a view of the hills. You can also take your laptop to the shamiana set up in the garden, so you can work and bask in the Bohemian vibe of it all. One look at the space tells you how creatively it has been put together, and every detail has been looked into – right from the grand entrance to the cobbled pathway to the greens all around. The classy interiors get just the right pop of colours and youth with vibrant cushions and blooming flowers – making it the perfect swanky new office for you.

La Meraki, Nashik
Leave behind the everyday hustle-bustle of the city and unwind at La Meraki, a retreat by the banks of the serene Viatarna Lake near Nashik. This magnificent, modern bungalow offers you roomy, comfortable bedrooms and you can step outside into your balcony for a gorgeous view of the lake. After a long day of work, the perfect indulgence is the pool that overlooks the lake, as does the gazebo. You will also catch some sunsets over the foliage-fringed shores of Viatarna dam and hear the cry of cormorants and gulls from your room, drawing you into a different room.

Serene Nook, Wada
If the idea of working amidst nature sounds appealing to you, Serene Nook is the perfect getaway for you. Besides catching up on some well-deserved sleep in cozy interiors of the house, you can also choose to wind down in the nicely tucked jacuzzi. If you’re more of an indoor person, the wide range of board games are sure to interest you. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy a hearty barbecue, which is highly recommended here.

From Bengaluru:

White Serenity, Udupi
Like working by the beach? This pet-friendly home in Udupi is just the perfect spot to relish a spectacular view of the river meeting the ocean. With coconut trees as a charming backdrop and a little pond to give you company, we can assure you a memorable stay at White Serenity.  This cottage-style intimate villa is perfect for a small family or group of friends who enjoy living close to nature, along with some in-house perks like board games.

Captains Farm, Javagal
Located in a farm-like neighborhood just 4 hours away from Bengaluru, this beautiful property is bursting with both luxury and eco-friendly aspects, making it a perfectly balanced work environment for you. At Captain’s, enjoy a candle-lit evening with authentic Karnataka style meals cooked in a traditional way on pots with wood and fire. To get a full feel of the hood, guests can cycle up to heritage sites like Halebeedu and Belur, which are located very close to the property.

Captains Villa, Bengaluru
No, this is not the same as above. On the outskirts of the city, it provides a good break to work away from home. It has all the amenities for the young and old alike. One can work, then work out at the gym, then relax in the bathtub. In addition to an enormous pool, there is a little one with a water slide too. The house drops hints of heritage but overall maintains a modern stance. The stone walls in some areas, as well as the ultra-high ceilings, add to the charm of this villa.

From Delhi/NCR:

The Banyan Abode, Manesar
Work all over this place! Featuring a sprawling lawn with a gazebo, a private swimming pool and beautiful home interiors, The Banyan Abode stuns with its larger-than-life ‘workation’ vibe. Bringing you the best of all worlds, enjoy hours of relaxing indoors and then step out for some organic farming fun. Work that appetite for a lavish barbecue spread around the bonfire.

Rustic Manor, Gurgaon
In this getaway from the busy crowded city of Gurgaon, nestled in the heart of lush green lawns, lies the red-bricked quaint bungalow, Rustic Manor. This retreat consists of 4 spacious, comfy rooms that seem to invite you to simply let your hair down and relax. There are a number of indoor games you can enjoy, but the chief attractions are the expansive, manicured gardens and the luxurious outdoor pool. It is big enough for you and your colleagues to ‘work from home’! Come, forget about the hullabaloo of the city, lie back in your hammock, look up at the cool blue sky, and give yourself the time that you so richly deserve.

Solitude in the Woods, Sohna
Set in the state of Haryana, this place replicates the feeling of living in a forest – calm, peaceful. With over 6000 trees around, including mango, guava, chickoo and gooseberry, you are sure to be taken away from your laptop by the fresh, sweet scent that lingers around. Unlike fast-paced city life, here you’ll be assured with productive time to yourself.

Never forget that we are privileged to be working from home, whichever home that might be. Make sure you check out the single room listings of the properties above, if you’re looking to get some work done in a more private setting. Work smart, be safe!

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