Handpicked Villas of North and South India For Your Next Summer Travel

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The summer is here, and it is hotter than ever! Summers mean relishing of ice-golas, mangoes, lemonades and anything that would relieve us of the sticky, humid weather. However, summers also call for a trip away, to escape the humidity and the scorching sun, and take a break, unwind and relax. After the year(s) everyone has experienced, it’s safe to say that everyone needs to unwind, get away and disconnect, while being safe. 

What a better way to escape the summer blues than head to our sprawling, hygienic holiday homes, with utmost privacy, plethora of amenities and beautiful views. Here are a few homes that are ideal for your summer getaway! 

Villas in North India

Ditch the itchy heat, sweaty palms and head straight up to North, amidst the mountains, the snow and picture-perfect views. Here are some cosy cottages for an ideal summer getaway.

Exotica, Manali

Literally paradise on earth, Exotica is a majestic holiday home surrounded by the mountains and views on all sides. Gather your family, relatives and friends, because this 9-bedroom house is ideal for a large group. Including amenities such as a complimentary breakfast, balconies overlooking some of the most stunning views of the orchards and snow-clad peaks, and the sprawling lawn with ample outdoor dining space, this home evidently has a lot to offer, making your summer holiday memorable.

Shventajali, Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a quaint town in Himachal Pradesh, away from the cacophony and noise of everyday life. If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful and serene summer holiday, Shventajali in Dalhousie might just be ideal. With a beautiful vintage facade with a gable, this house is surrounded by the forest on one side and the beautiful views on the other. Situated on top of the hill, the uninterrupted breeze makes it a perfect spot for you to unwind with your loved ones. Emanating the true Dalhousie charm, it features traditional interiors, adorned with Kashmiri carpets and antique furnishings. Experience Dalhousie in all its glory while here!

Pax and Opis, Mussoorie

In Mussoorie, but offering views of both Mussoorie and Dehradun, Pax and Opis is a cosy home with ample amenities. The high altitude, the fresh air and charming views are a norm here. Enjoy a delicious breakfast in the lawn, while indoors you can snuggle with your book in a nook, or indulge in board games in the entertainment room. What’s more? This home also features a dedicated workstation, so you can work remotely in style! Head over to Mussoorie, detach and disconnect amidst nature.

Ballyhack Cottage, Shimla

A bewitching cottage emanating a rich history, this 2-centuries old cottage was one of the first houses to be built in Shimla. Delicately restored and intricately refurbished, this home echoes a rich past. Home to the then Governor General and family heirloom, this home has been featured in Conde Nast Traveller, Lonely Planet, Nat Geo Traveller among many others. The 4 terraced lawns serving as ideal vantage points and its colonial interiors are enough for you to spend your summer huddled in here. Its proximity to the Lake Bazaar and Mall Road also makes it even more appealing!

Villa in South India

Or better yet, head over to the south! If the mountains, snow and cottage aren’t your vibe, the charming backwaters, the pleasant, sunkissed weather and the delicious authentic south-Indian meals definitely might appeal to you. Here are some villas you can choose to spend your summer at.

Backwater Heritage, Alleppey

Justifying its name, this home is an effortless amalgamation of the backwaters and Echoing a true Keralan charm, this holiday home features beautiful rustic, heritage decor. Including 3 cosy bedrooms, ideal for a getaway with your family and friends alike. The complimentary, delectable authentic Keralan breakfast, the beautiful gazebo and pleasant weather here ensure a memorable time here!

The Rain, Alleyppey

If you are a fan of the backwaters, then this villa is literally calling your name. A beautifully modern holiday home with thatched roofs and an eye-pleasing facade, it features 4 spacious bedrooms equipped with comfortable amenities. With amenities like a private swimming pool overlooking the scenic backwaters, a perfect backdrop for the summers. Sip on your favourite cocktail, sunbathe on the pool loungers and experience summer in all its glory.

Springhills Villa and Ayurvedic Spa, Kochi

A sprawling property nestled in the hills of Kochi, Springhills Villa and Ayurvedic Spa is an expansive property. The epitome of a relaxing retreat, this home features 6 identical rooms, ideal for a large group. From a joggers’ track, to a beautifully landscaped 2-acre lawn, to the attached balconies with breathtaking views of the mountains, a private pool and ayurvedic spa services, this has it all! If the endless list of amenities weren’t enough, you can also enjoy a bonfire while here!

Pumba House Boat, Alleppey

What a better way to spend summer than surrounded by water on all sides? A rather one-of-kind experience, if you love all things water, this stay is specially curated just for you. A luxurious houseboat, with a one bedroom, through the forest and overlooking the gorgeous backwaters of Kerala is ideal for a romantic summer getaway. Relish a breakfast amidst the sunrise on the open-deck, and soak in the fresh, fragrant aroma of the sea while here.

Your summer can still be salvaged! Stay-indoors in these beautiful villas and enjoy a relaxing summer getaway.

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