Tips to Make Your Villa Rental Monsoon Ready

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Monsoons are most often romanticized, and for good reason! They bring in unmissable cheer, pleasant weather and just the right opportunity to experience the best monsoon villas. However, it does also bring several maintenance woes. The rainy season means your holiday homes need rainproofing. It means that your villa rentals need to be taken care of just a little bit more than generally required. Monsoons often welcome insects and dampened furniture amongst other things, and if not addressed, these issues could lead to your otherwise stunning home becoming a mush of dirt. Before you get tied into a whirlwind of bookings this monsoon season, you might want to check on your home and look into a few things. 

Cover your exteriors

While sprawling holiday homes with ample outdoor spaces to lounge and relax in, definitely attract more travellers, they also mean high maintenance. Seldom, villa rentals feature expansive lawns with gazebos, open-air outdoor sit-outs for the guests to lounge in, bonfire pits with circular seating, pool decks by the swimming pool and more. And while they are eye-catching and are certainly slightly more favoured, during monsoons, if left uncovered or unattended, would go unused. Guests wouldn’t want to sit in a squelchy pool lounger or sit in a wet gazebo or relax on a water-soaked sofa. 

For your guests to experience an enjoyable stay, it is significant to ensure they can make the most of all that your home has to offer, hence always cover your outdoor spaces, if possible. Temporary patio umbrellas are an amazing fix, especially when you are looking for a solution that will last you no more than a few months. This gives the guests leeway to enjoy the sun when it is out. You could also consider investing in good water-absorbent furniture.

Check on your plantations

Before foraying into the monsoon madness, where bookings might be at the peak, it is important to check in your plants, trees in and around your property. Heavy and torrential rains, especially in Maharashtra and Goa are not unheard of. As a consequence, the felling of trees and loose branches may follow. Hence, tending to your greens, whether big or small, is important to avoid such untimely accidents that may lead to broken wires.

Unattended bushes may also lead to overgrown roots, which might hamper the look and feel of your otherwise beautiful holiday home. The overgrown bushes may also attract heaps of insects, leading to quite a disturbing stay. These problems are easily avoidable and can be taken care of just before the monsoon by simply ensuring that the greenery around your property is trimmed but blooming.

Take care of wooden furniture and store away the carpets

Antique wooden furnishings, antiquities, carpets and rugs are common embellishments featured across holiday homes. They add a rustic touch to the villa, which certainly adds to the overall charm. However, when talking about rains, these beautifiers may very well become a cause of concern. Wooden furniture and antiquities absorb the dampness that seeps in from the rainwater, leading it to warp. Humidity and moisture don’t blend well with wood, hence it is recommended that all wooden articles go through a thorough check. Varnish them before the monsoon onsets, and always ensure that all wooden furniture is cleaned with a dry cloth. 

When it comes to rugs, it might be best to temporarily roll them away and store them in waterproof plastic. This is because rugs, like wooden items, absorb moisture just as quickly, which might not only spoil the otherwise gorgeous carpets, but also it might lead to an unpleasant odour lurking in the air, which to be frank, is not the best.

Clean and examine your home

Monsoon dampness attracts bacteria, germs and insects. In such a situation, the home can easily become prone to insect ingestion, which is definitely not ideal. Hence, during monsoons, it is of utmost importance that the home is thoroughly cleaned everyday, especially during check-ins. Go a step ahead and thorough examine the home before June. Take notes of cracks, leakages, and peeling paint and tend to it immediately because they will only get worse. Apply a fresh coat of paint, especially on the exteriors, so your home is just as beautiful inside out. 

Sanitize and ensure you follow COVID protocols

2020 brought in a myriad of changes in the way people worked and travelled. And even though things have started opening up gradually, the majority of guests are still wary about travelling in such trying times. In such a scenario, ensuring that your home is deep-cleaned and sanitised thoroughly before every check-in, especially during monsoons, is a must. With travel restrictions easing, demand is likely to up, hence, do not leave even a sliver of doubt in the guests’ mind and ensure that COVID protocols are adhered to. Throughout the stay, ensure all frequented touchpoints are regularly sanitized and place sanitisers throughout the property.

The onset of monsoon definitely means increased work and a little more care and the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you! Ensure that all is repaired and everything is attended to so as to ensure seamless, complaint-free stays at the holiday home. After all, that is the aim!

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