5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Home More Kid-Friendly

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The perfect family vacation can often seem like an unattainable feat for holiday-goers. With so many things to keep track of, managing the itinerary, packing all the luggage, attending to everyone’s likes and dislikes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Add to that all the worries that come naturally with having little kids around, and suddenly that relaxing weekend away becomes not-so-relaxing. But, we got you. At Vista, we have curated a list of easy ways for our homeowners to make their holiday home family-friendly and thereby stress-free.

Lock it up

Kids can be curious little monkeys, experimenting with whatever they can get their hands on. Creativity can be great fun, but without supervision, it can also be dangerous. When it comes to child safety, nothing can be more helpful than childproof locks. Keep all cabinets accessible to children with hazardous or sharp objects like knives, forks, glassware, equipment with wires, etc safely tucked away and out of reach.

Built like a tank

Furniture shopping can be great fun, envisioning the room’s layout, matching the decor and crafting your own style. That being said, choose your furniture wisely. It’s easy to get carried away by the aesthetics and not think about form and safety. Invest in child safe and senior citizen friend furniture too. Avoid sharp edges, unfastened glass tabletops, flimsy or low chairs and even uncomfortable sofas. Make the property child-friendly as well as wheelchair accessible as much as possible. Bathrooms’ accessibility should also be considered – walk-in shower areas are an obvious choice than tubs for children and elders alike; a toilet with a handrail is also helpful. Make sure your youngest and oldest guests have enough space to relax without it being a worry.

Stock it up

Ensure that the house is well equipped with everything a family could potentially need; cots, kids’ cutlery, toilet seats, extra pillows and mattresses, buckets and pails, shower seats and the like. These measures will help vacationers travel lighter and ensure that whatever they may require is always at hand.

Never an idle moment

Relaxation can mean different things depending on one’s age; kids are jam-packed with energy while elders need quiet sanctuaries. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do, the line “I’m bored” is sure to be heard at least once in a family vacation. Drive away the chance of boredom and stock up the villa with toys, family-friendly board games and books. Have Firesticks (or other OTT platforms), gaming consoles and DVD players in a common TV room for everyone and especially the kids to enjoy. If the home features sprawling outdoor spaces put it to good use and build a gazebo for the adults and a play area with a slide and swing for the kids. Consider a walking track around the property so that the guests never feel confined while they are vacationing.

Dial a friend

When children are accompanying on a vacation, you have got to be prepared for all kinds of situations. Whether it be allergies, sudden cravings or a strong sense of wanderlust, having to search last minute can be quite taxing. Having a ready list of all important locations and contacts nearby can be a lifesaver. Hence, always have a list of important numbers printed out and placed on a coffee table that is easily accessible to the guests. You can go the extra mile and list down all activities and attractions in and around the holiday home, that will definitely add to the trip and leave you amazing reviews.

A staycation means a home away from home, but better. The days of having to improvise a throw or make a small camp bed for the teeny tots or having to use a kitchen chair to block the stairs are long gone. Homes that cater to multiple generations, from grandparents to children, will ensure that everyone has an easy, pleasurable holiday. With a couple of minor adjustments and a touch of luxury, the whole family can rest easy in beautiful holiday homes!

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