5 Tips to Ease Monsoon Travelling

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Though travelling during the monsoons is enticing, exciting and absolutely a sight to devour, it can also be just a tad bit risky. The rainy season means ushering in of beautiful skies, breezy weather and relishing of hot bhuttas but it also means slippery roads, loads of puddles and erratic traffic. And while monsoons mean taking a step back and savouring the picture-perfect views, it also means you have to be cautious while travelling. Trekking, camping, or a relaxed holiday amidst nature, whatever you choose, it is important to ensure that your monsoon travel is safe. Here are a few tips that will help you travel lighter and ease your monsoon travel getaway!

The absolute essentials

Well, first things, first, let’s address the essentials. 

  • When it comes to rains, carrying the absolute necessities is obvious. Regardless of whether you are road tripping, taking a train, or flying, it is unsaid that you have to pack raincoats and umbrellas. Look for light-weight umbrellas and raincoats, so that they don’t end eating up space and can be placed in the side pocket, making it readily accessible.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is to cover any and all of your technological devices, such as cameras, laptops and the like, that you are carrying with plastic. Layer it in abundance, minimising the risk of any equipment. 
  • When travelling during the monsoons, synthetics are your best friends. It dries easily, is lightweight and is easy to carry. Moreover, owing to its thinness, it also takes up less space.
Umbrellas and raincoats are a must!

Check the weather forecast

Be it a one-day trek, a two-day trip or a fifteen-day trip, before zeroing on the location, always ensure that you check the weather forecast, especially if you are travelling by road. When planning a trip to the hill station, the rainy season can often lead to landslides and mudslides, making driving difficult. This can be avoided by simply checking the weather forecast. 

Moreover, monsoons are beautiful and make for enviable views, but they can also be lethal. You don’t want it to be pouring cats and dogs, that it won’t allow you to actually experience outdoors and breeze. When travelling, light monsoon showers are ideal, allowing room to explore for the wanderlust in you, while being pleasant.

Carry repellent and medicines

Treks, hiking trips and camping is a common occurrence during monsoons. Everyone is looking to be one with nature, and soak in the beautiful weather. However, that also leaves trekkers and travellers vulnerable to insects and bugs. Mosquitoes and flies are extremely common during the monsoon season. And the moist weather paves the way for bacterial infection. Hence, it is always recommended to travel along with a first-aid kit that includes antiseptic creams, mosquito repellents and bandages. While your regular medicines are a pre-requisite, as a precautionary measure, it is imperative that you also pack in a few extras to be safe.

Adequate footwear

Regardless of if you are going for a trek on the hills, or if you are visiting an exotic location, investing in adequate footwear for the trip is a rule to live by. Rains can make the roads muddy and slippery, hence it is always advisable to be cautious. A good pair of waterproof shoes will go a long way in ensuring that you can explore, climb uphill, jump in puddles and trek without any limitations! Absolutely, avoid wearing anything that is uncomfortable.

Ensure that you pack adequate footwear

Always be ready for the unexpected

Monsoons are anything but stable. They involve unpredictable weather, thunderstorms, slippery roads and loads of puddles. Be ready for delays, interruptions, unending traffic and more. If you are planning a road trip, sudden traffic is not unheard of, while there may be delays in flights. It is fairly common to come across these situations during the monsoons, but that’s what sets it apart! Embrace the experience, and make the most of this wonderful season!

Now that you know what to do and what not to do while travelling during the monsoons, you are ready to plan your getaway. Browse through our list of curated holiday homes across India, decide on a location, soak in the views and explore, but in sturdy shoes!

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