Workations in the Spotlight: We are Changing the Way You Work

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Although the world is still bouncing back from the 2-year rollercoaster called COVID-19, it surely has left its mark. Whilst, offices are slowly but steadily inviting their employees back alongside ensuring that covid protocols are followed, many organizations have chosen to opt for a hybrid working schedule, i.e. a mix of remote working and in-office presence. And this has proven to be rather productive. 

The remote working scene has opened new avenues. Now, you can easily pack your bags and plan a trip somewhere away, while still being in touch with your co-workers and managers. Having the option to work from anywhere means your weekend getaway can get extended to a whole vacation, without having to take any special leaves or absences, unless you choose to. 

Workations have become extremely popular and common, wherein the vacation rental becomes the office in the mornings and transforms into a party hub during the evenings. And we are sure that you wouldn’t have it any other way! Moreover, we are here to only allure you into the workation proposition even more, with our private holiday homes that are ready to serve you for a workation, staycation or even a vacation! 

Times are changing and new trends are emerging. And this trend is definitely worth following. Have a look.

Private Villas Offer, Well, Privacy

Our handpicked, curated collection of luxury holiday homes provide privacy that is unbeatable. Holiday homes can be booked by an entire group of people, be it your friends, family or loved ones. Opting for a private villa rental means that the home is only yours, even if it’s just for a few days. And while you are there, you are the boss! Not only can you opt to work from your very own private pool, without any disturbances might I add, but also enjoy all other amenities by yourself. 

Beyond the gates of the property is your safe little haven, your work desk and your private office overlooking breathtaking landscapes. Wish for a secluded sanctuary amidst the woods? We have it. A villa nestled in the mountains? We got you. Or a holiday home not far from the city? You guessed it right! We have it. All you have to do is click the “Book Now” button to enjoy working in your own office, amidst nature. 

Enjoy workations in our luxury villas.
Sunset Boulevard serves as the ideal villa for a workation

Workstation Set-up

In this fast-paced world, where trends are always evolving, we also try to keep up with the ever-changing norms and rules. With workations taking off at super-speed, we have tried to ensure that our luxury holiday homes are more workation-friendly as well. Almost all our villa rentals offer designated workspaces that not only offer good connectivity but also an amazing backdrop. To make you feel more at home, these set-ups are embellished with inspiring and motivational quotes, little planters and other office essentials to make you feel comfortable. 

There are also separate meeting and conference rooms present on our properties, allowing you and your group to work together!

Aesthetic workspaces are guaranteed.
Designated workspaces and conference rooms

A Plethora of Amenities

Holiday homes are guaranteed to offer you a plethora of amenities. Almost all homes promise distinct features, that them apart from the others. And our handpicked collection of villas guarantees memorable experiences with a plethora of amenities. A cottage nestled amidst the woods? We got you. A luxe villa, not far from the city? We have it. Or looking for a beautiful, quaint beachfront home? You guessed it, we have that as well! From a private swimming pool to an outdoor deck, to an open-air jacuzzi to a designated conference room, you name it, we have it. 

However, what sets our distinct offerings apart is the fact that this variety of lavish amenities can be enjoyed by you and your group all by yourselves! When booking a hotel room or choosing to stay at a resort, you are always sharing the amenities with other guests or adhering to universal timings. When you opt for a villa, that home is solely yours for a few days, and you make the rules. A private holiday home ensures that all the amenities offered are solely yours and that you can function at your own leisure. The mornings can be spent by the workstation, taking calls and sending emails, whilst the evenings can be spent partying, relaxing or simply lounging. You decide when and what you get to do! 

Working with a view is the trend right now.
Your workspace is guaranteed to leave you spell-bound!

Utmost Safety

The pandemic has certainly left behind its trace, which has led to an increased need for safety and security. And Vista’s private homes guarantee just that. Unlike in hotels or resorts wherein amenities are shared and you come in contact with dozens of people in a day, villa rentals ensure that you are cooped in your safe haven. Apart from the villa staff, there will seldom be in contact with others. Moreover, at Vista, we ensure that all the frequented touchpoints are disinfected regularly and that every home goes through a thorough deep cleaning. The safety of our staff and our guests is of utmost importance to us. 

All our homes are thoroughly sanitised and disinfected.
Our properties are equipped with sanitizers

Workations are definitely here to stay. With hybrid work environments, workations are an easy way to let off steam, while still being connected with the other side of the world. A vacation along with work is simply convenient. Have you booked your workation yet?

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