Three Helicopter Services Launched in Goa to Boost Tourism in its Hinterlands 

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Your favourite tourist destination just received a level-up! The coastal state of India, Goa, has launched three helicopter services to make travel to, fro and within Goa easier and smoother. The Chief Minister of Goa, along with BLADE, inaugurated this initiative and emphasised its significant and positive impact on Goa Tourism by increasing accessibility to its serene hinterlands. 

BLADE is an urban air mobility platform, that works towards making travel within and to cities seamless and time-efficient. BLADE’s presence is already felt in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Now, BLADE’s newest addition is predicted to make Goa more accessible for commercial purposes and medical emergencies. 

With an aim to bridge the gap between the Goa airport and North Goa, South Goa, the hinterlands and the old Goa airport, the services ensure better connectivity for the tourists and the locals alike. Not only will this boost the tourism within the city but also help the local communities and their businesses become more accessible, thereby generating employment. 

In addition to by-your-seat bookings for commuting within Goa, there are private charter flights from Mumbai to Goa as well. This mode of heli-tourism will offer a fresh new glimpse of Goa, overlooking the absolutely gorgeous shorelines, beaches and bylanes. Along with cutting the travel time, tourists will also be in the company of the bewitching natural beauty that surrounds this blissful state. 

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