Monsoon Bucket List – Things To Do This Monsoon Season

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A break from the summers is welcomed by all, but not everyone is a fan of the spectacles of the rainy season. The rains also bring in steady traffic, muddy roads and a certain ickiness that is unmissable. However, like every coin has two sides, the season of showers also promises enamouring landscapes that swath the buzzing cities and quaint villages, leaving behind a trail of astounding beauty. Romantic yet melancholic, thundering yet soothing, tender yet jarring, the rains are a seamless balance of it all. 

Not making the most of this enigmatic season would be a crime. With a spectrum of places to explore and a myriad of water activities to partake in, the season is a big draw for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Entering the season of rains resembles flipping through the pages of a magazine, with postcard-perfect views. Each state, each region and each city offers something during this season. 

Here is a list of things to do this monsoon season. 

Pay a Visit to the Nearest Waterfalls

Skies splattered in grey tints and ash clouds cloaking the city mean that the rainy season is just around the corner. And that means that you get to witness nature at its finest. Overflowing lakes, gurgling rivers and cascading waterfalls, all enveloped in emerald green grasslands, paint quite a pretty picture. There couldn’t be a more perfect time to pay a visit to your nearest waterfalls. The storms enhance the already resplendent beauty of the falls, making it a sight to savour. 

The most famous waterfalls to visit during the monsoon season are the Dudhsagar Falls in Goa. Although during the rains, crowds seldom flock to this tourist destination, Goa during the monsoon season still holds its charm. The 5th tallest waterfall in the country, the water rushes down from a height of 310 metres. The ‘Sea of Milk’ as it is often referred to, is a beautiful sight to marvel at. One of the tallest waterfalls in India, Nohkalikai Falls is nestled in Meghalaya and is another famed tourist attraction. This 1115 ft. tall waterfall is straight out of a painting.

Waterfalls during the rainy season are a sight to savour.
Pay a visit to your nearest waterfalls

Kayaking in the Pristine Backwaters in Kerala

The rivers, lakes and waterfalls are filled to their brim, making it perfect to indulge in all the water sports. The ideal scenario for all thrill-seekers, kayaking during the monsoon should be a must on every monsoon bucket list. Although, a tad scary, the thrilling experience certainly makes up for all the jitters. One of the best places to kayak in is in the backwaters of Kerala, Alleyppey. The enamouring landscapes boast the pristine waters surrounded by the countryside on one side and the towering palms on the other. The soothing backwaters of the state are the ideal set-up for an experience unlike any other.

We must warn you that only experienced kayakers must journey through the waters during the rains. If you are a novice at kayaking, we recommend opting for calmer waters. 

Kayaking through the backwaters in Kerala
Spend the day kayaking through the backwaters in Kerala

Enjoy a Day of Water Rappelling

One of the relatively less popular adventure sports, especially in India, water rappelling is essentially climbing rocks as the water cascades down from the top of the hills. Water rappelling only becomes more thrilling during the monsoon season making it even more alluring. Rock climbing amidst the gushing waterfalls is an experience that must make it to your bucket list. Promising an adrenaline rush never experienced before, we recommend water rappelling at Vihigaon Waterfalls near Kasara or Neer Gaddu in Uttarakhand.

Enjoy the gushing of winds and waters combined during the monsoon season.
Water rappelling is an adventure sport one must experience themselves

Pakodas, Instant Noodles and Chai

The rains are synonymous with the scenic outdoors, lush green vegetation and gloomy skies. Conventionally, monsoons are best enjoyed out in the open, be it indulging in treks or embarking on adventure sports. But, what if we told you that the essence of rain can also be easily enjoyed whilst indoors. 

Almost a staple in all Indian houses, the soothing humming of pattering raindrops is almost always accompanied with a piping hot plate of pakodas and a freshly made cup of adrak wali chai. The combination is simply unmatched. The bhajiyas, freshly off the frying pan, and a hot cup of masaledar chai are just what you need to beat the monsoon blues. The best part? Make the most of the rains whilst snuggled in the blanket – an absolute dream for everyone who hates the mud and stickiness. 

Pakodas and chai are a norm during the monsoon season!
Devour a piping hot plate of chai and pakodas, with a side of instant noodles

Spend an Evening Reading

All indoor enthusiasts and book lovers – rejoice! The monsoon season is certainly not for everyone, and some of us would much rather spend it indoors, savouring the monsoons at a distance. For those, nothing compares to a day, or night, spent with your favourite read. The rain gently hits the windowsill, acting as the perfect soundscape, and you are cosied up with a book, lost in a world beyond, whilst savouring the rainy season and its beautiful landscapes – an evening spent well, in my opinion.

Pick out a book to read against the pattering of rains
Reading during the monsoon season is a must for all book-lovers

Put on Your Favourite Monsoon Playlist

The summers are already paving the way for the most awaited season of the year – the monsoons. Whilst the monsoons summon all the romanticists who rave about the rains like no one else, it is undeniable that the rainy season also has several unpleasant elements. The muddy potholes, the unmoving traffic and the stickiness that is a prerequisite during the rains are a norm. But monsoon playlists are the solution to all the monsoon ickiness! Whether you are bundled up at home, or on the road, nothing can put you in a good mood like a beautiful monsoon playlist. The slow, soothing tunes are ideal to set the mood right. Some of our personal recommendations include – 

  1. Still With You by Jungkook 
  2. Bheegi Si Bhaagi Si (Rajneeti) 
  3. Chann Kithaan by Ayushmann Khurrana 
  4. Paris in the Rain by Lauv 
  5. Rain by BTS (Dark and Wild)
  6. cold/mess by Prateek Kuhaad 
  7. Waqt Ki Baatein by Dream Note 

Each of these songs has a distinct vibe, however, they all somehow seamlessly fit the mood, adding a certain charisma to the monsoons that are unmissable.

The rains are ideal for soothing tunes
Listen to your favourite tunes whilst enjoying the rains

Trek to the Majestic and Soaring Peaks

The rainy season brings out the best in the mountains. Whether you are a beach person or a mountain person, monsoon trekking is a must, even if only once. The views atop are simply bewitching, the breeze almost alluring and the trek uphill, nearly entrancing. Although monsoon treks can be a tad tricky, the reward that lies beyond is enough to make it worth it. The routes’ beauty is only enhanced, whilst the adrenaline of trekking during the monsoons is unmatched, especially for all the thrill-seekers. The terrains are bejewelled with fresh blooming flowers, the typical petrichor and the freshly grown grasslands, simply making it a sight worth devouring. 

The Chembra Peak in Kerala, Wayanad is ideal to explore, especially during the monsoon season. The wide-sweeping landscapes of Wayanad are typical, with a heart-shaped lake nestled in a corner. The North is home to a myriad of Himalayan treks, including the famed Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand. Welcome a bed of blooming flowers, in the soothing hues of violets, reds and whites at this absolutely gorgeous trek that is bound to leave you spell-bound. Take a look at the best monsoon treks in India to embark on this rainy season here.

Trekking during the monsoon season is a must for adventure enthusiasts!
Trekking during the monsoon season is an adventure in itself!

Rain Sprinkled Tea Tours in Wayanad

All chai-lovers, this one is for you! Just like any green expanse, the sprawling tea plantations in Wayanad also receive a makeover during the rainy season. The rain showers simply leave nature at its finest, and the lush green tea estates are no exception. The surroundings emanate a hypnotizing aura, whilst the dewdrops glisten under the shining sun rays. 

Wayanad is one of the many cities that boasts seemingly unending expanses of greenery. The entire city is cocooned in rising mountains and beautiful green tea gardens, and the pouring showers just make it even more enchanting. From embarking on tea tours providing an insight into the tea manufacturing and producing process, to plucking tea leaves, to indulging in a taste-test, the tea tours have it all! Other cities to visit for their tea plantations are Munnar, Darjeeling and Assam. 

Wayanad is bathed in lush greenery, including its tea tours.
Traverse through the tea tours in Wayanad

Firefly Festival, Maharashtra

Fireflies are bioluminescent beetle bugs that glow to attract female fireflies for mating. The monsoons bring out the dozens of fireflies, that flit around during the rainy season, making it a glittering sight to behold. There are firefly festivals organized in Maharashtra that take you to destinations tucked away in somewhere in Maharashtra. It takes place during the months of May and a few weeks of June. The festival itself is held in varying parts of the state, including Palghar, Lonavala, Bhandhardara Dam and Igatpuri. The firefly festival is almost paradisaical, with flitting fireflies, solemn music 

The firefly festival is famous for its beauty.
Enjoy the glimmering firefly festival

The monsoon season brings out the best of the country and makes for unforgettable experiences. The question remains what is next on your bucketlist?

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