Make The Most of the Mumbai Rains 

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After the sweltering heat, the scorching sun and high temperatures that could possibly make you melt, the rains are a welcomed diversion and relief. However, Mumbai rains are known to be notorious for being sticky, annoying, dirty and every other unpleasant word that you can possibly think of. The city almost comes to a standstill, with roads dotted with deep potholes, water logging almost a norm and lanes coated in muddy muck. Not a pleasing sight for sure. 

But as every coin has two sides, Bombay ki baarish has its own charm, that is almost entrancing. The city is cloaked in grey clouds as the rain gushes down, children pop out of their rooms and splash away in the water, 

Mumbai is known for its rains. Bombay ki Baarish is a feeling, almost indescribable. And here’s your personal guide to exploring, experiencing and all in all enjoying the city as it is bathed in showers, greenery and an unmatchable vibe. 

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Visit the famed Marine Drive

Nestled in the most prominent part of Mumbai called South Bombay, Marine Drive is a favourite amongst the locals and tourists alike, especially during the monsoon season. The rainy season almost brings in a soothing lull in the atmosphere. And Marine Drive is no exception. This 4 km. long boulevard is approximately over a century old. Loved by all, Marine Drive witnesses crowds from all over the city; people starting their day amidst the refreshing morning breeze, jogging, walking and exercising, couples strolling by the water, and the horizon painted in the soothing hues of blues, pinks and oranges. 

The waves splashing against the tetra-pods make for the perfect soundscape, as the locals and tourists relish their cutting chai and masala chana. A light drizzle makes for an ideal atmosphere, the skies are cloaked in grey clouds and the landscape is definitely worth capturing! However, during heavy rains, one must remain cautious, given the high tides and rising waves. 

Marine Drive is often referred to as Mumbai's Queen Necklace.
Savour the breathtaking shoreline of the City of Dreams

Devour Vada Pavs, Misal Pav and Buttas

Mumbai is famous for its Maharashtrian cuisine. The rains make for the perfect atmosphere to devour piping hot vada pavs, misal pavs and buttas. Vada Pav is essentially a fried potato snack served with a bun or pav. Whilst, misal pav is a spicy dish, topped with sev, onions and lemons that can be devoured throughout the day. Lastly, a butta is roasted corn. 

All of these are staples in Mumbai, almost found in every nook and corner of this buzzing city. From corner side stalls to 5-star restaurants, all serve these delicacies. However, they taste the best when relished by the street, under the collapsible umbrellas of the stalls, as the cool breeze passes by and the rain continues to take over the city. 

Relish maseladar Misal Pav accompanied with a piping hot cup of chai

Relish Chai and Pakodas

As cliche as it sounds, monsoon, rains, baarish are all synonymous with chai and pakodas. Pakodas are fried Indian snacks made of a variety of vegetables, including potatoes, onions, chillies, bananas and more! Almost a norm during the rainy season, the ushering in of the monsoon season means that every household will serve delicacy atleast once in this 3-month long affair. A warm plate of lip-smacking pakodas, relished with an equally piping hot chai, perfectly sets off the rare cool weather that visits Mumbai once in a while. 

Chai and pakodas are an unbeatable combination during the rainy season.
Nothing can beat the rains, a fresh plate of pakodas and a piping hot cup of chai!

Short Road Trips from Mumbai During Monsoon

As the showers seamlessly cloak the city in dark clouds, the ghats in and around Maharashtra start witnessing more and more 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers. The hill stations around Mumbai welcome an influx of tourists, looking to make the best of the monsoon season. Undoubtedly, Mumbai rains are incomparable and as annoying as they can be, the vibe is simply unmatchable. However, the quaint hill stations and the buzzing towns are bathed in vibrant greenery which has to be witnessed in person. 

Lonavala and Pawna are one of the most popular road trips from Mumbai, especially during the monsoon season. The cascading showers make the winding ghats greener and the temperature cooler. These blissful destinations are a 2-hour and a 3-hour drive away from Mumbai, respectively, making it even more accessible and a perfect escape. 

Soak in the beautiful panoramas
The winding ghats and roads leading up to the hill stations are a sight to behold

Visit Juhu Beach

The shoreline of this city is what makes it so popular and loved. One of the most famous and favourite beaches of Mumbai, Juhu Beach is a must-visit for anyone visiting Mumbai for the first time, especially during the monsoon season. Although, during the rains, beaches see dispersed crowds, owing to the high tides and wet sands. But that is also exactly what makes beaches during the rainy season worth a visit! Nestled in a peaceful nook of the city, Juhu Beach stretches over several kilometres and is sprinkled with famed pav bhaji, gola and chinese stalls. Joggers, walkers and runners are a common sight, amidst the setting sun, the pouring rain and serene skies of Mumbai – painting almost a dreamy picture of the city of dreams. 

The crashing waves make for the perfect soundscape.
Soak in the beautiful sunsets while at the beach

Enjoy a Ferry Ride from the Gateway of India

Gateway of India is one of the most popular tourist spots in Mumbai, that attracts people from all over the country and otherwise. However, the monument’s beauty and charisma multiplies manifold during the rainy season. The grey clouds loom over the structure, and the rain showers down, making it a picture-perfect moment. What’s more? You can also embark on a ferry ride from here, to experience the waters, the showers and the wonders of Mumbai in all its glory. Although, during high tides, the ferry rides may be paused, so do check before going. 

Gateway of India is one of the most famous tourist attractions
Visit the towering Gateway of India

Spend a Day In, Listening to Latest Bollywood Songs

As the showers take over the city, romance blossoms and something romantic stirs in the Mumbai air, it is time to make the best of the rainy season with some soothing and calming tunes in the background. Be it the soulful, Iktara from Wake Up Sid, that captures the rains and marine drive at its best or the Tumse Hi from Jab We Met, or Hum Tum from Hum tum, Bollywood captures the essence of Bombay ki Baarish effortlessly. Browse through our curated playlist of the best monsoon tunes here.

Listen to soothing tunes as the rain patters against the window

Marvel at the Sealink from Bandra Bandstand

The soothing waves crashing against the rocks, the skies painted in the hues of pinks, oranges and blues, and a blurred horizon, almost a picture straight out of a painting, Bandra Bandstand is a sight to savour during the monsoon season in Mumbai. Walking along the promenade, under the umbrellas, with Bandra-Worli sealink somewhere in the peripheral vision is a rather blissful landscape that must be experienced in person. 

Admire the shimmering skyline, glistening waves and the sea link.
The glittering Bandra-Worli Sea Link awaits

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some things to keep in mind during the monsoon season in Mumbai?

As mentioned before, the monsoon season in Mumbai has its fair share of flaws. In Mumbai, one must remain careful while walking on the roads, as they can be slippery and full of puddles. 

What are a few things to carry?

While stepping out, especially during the rainy season, be sure to always carry an umbrella or raincoat. Given the unpredictability of rains, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you are carrying any electrical items, be sure to cover them and give them ample protection. 

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